Fascia FLO: Fundamentals Course

You've asked for it, now it's here! Fascia FLO is here for you anytime, anywhere without a monthly subscription. This course gives you access to fundamental fascia FLO classes that will help you feel better in your body. Get ready to feel great in your body again!

What can you Expect?

Reduce (and even remove) pain and stiffness, renewed freedom in the joints, enhanced energy, better posture, enhanced digestion & immunity, increased strength and flexibility, & even a reduction in food cravings and weight stabilization!

These video classes are ideal for newcomers who are eager to begin learning the basics, as well as returning students. Explore the fundamentals and advantages of the fascia FLO method through Dreena's classes crafted to help you regain a sense of wellness.


Improve Circulation & Healing

Improve blood flow and circulation in the body, which can reduce inflammation and promote healing


Reduce Pain

Fascia therapy can help reduce pain and soreness in the body by breaking down scar tissue and adhesions


Improve Flexibility & Strength

Fascia therapy can help increase range of motion, lengthen muscles, and improve flexibility

What is Fascia FLO?

The formula for Fascia FLO is simple, yet effective:

F is for Flex: We begin each movement with the target muscle in a shortened position.

L is for Lengthen: While maintaining that contraction or resistance, we move in a way to lengthen that muscle group

O is for Observe: While lengthening, we observe when the resistance begins to fade – and when it does – we stop and reset to repeat the FLO

When we move in this way, the tensile force integrates the fascia and restructures it on a cellular level, making it healthier and more functional.

The key is the resistance WITH the lengthening.

Not only do we engage the densified fascia to clean it up, we activate the energy meridians running in the fascial planes. It’s a beautiful, harmonious system!

My joints feel as free and loose as they did years ago, because I’ve changed my body once again

- with Fascia FLO


Dreena Burton

Fascia FLO Founder

I’m Dreena, and I am so glad you’re here! I can't wait for you to try Fascia FLO because I want you to feel good in your body again – like I do.

Fascia FLO is the unique movement you need to address your fascia, so it works for you once again (not against you).

You too can reclaim your body. You too can feel loose in your joints and enjoy a flexible, youthful body. So say goodbye to nagging pains, low energy, and a stiff, inflexible body.

Say hello to moving easily again, having more energy, better digestion, and overall enhanced wellness. Because you deserve to feel good in your body, no matter your age.

When you change your fascia, you can change your life.

What's Included:


On Demand Video Classes

Easy to follow videos by Dreena that you can practice at home with. Stream online or download.

  • Introduction to Fascia FLO

  • Essential FLOs for Everyday

  • Lower Body FLO and Meridians

  • Upper Body FLO with Tech-Neck Remedy

  • Knee Friendly Chair FLO


Bonus Video Classes

4 bonus videos

  • Major Fascia Release Areas

  • Cold & Flu Recovery FLO with Acupressure

  • Morning FLO

  • Bedtime FLO with Acupressure

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What People Are Saying

I'm in physical therapy for my shoulder, and my shoulder feels better today after this than it has in all the physical therapy sessions.

I feel that my chest feels more open and my posture has improved. I have more range of motion in my shoulders. I’m not sure how to explain it, but my body feels “softer”. Added bonus- I’m toning my arms with all of the resistance!







The relief I’ve gotten from pain has been profound. A few months ago when the doctor said my pain would only get worse I felt so discouraged. I’m so happy to say she was so wrong! At the beginning of this session I was barely walking across the room without crying – I’ve walked miles of beach in the past few days! And I was having to take nerve blocking meds and muscle relaxers daily and I’m not doing any of that for the past two plus weeks. It feels like my body is just exhaling and saying “thank you” for releasing the pain.

Before joining Fascia FLO, the completed physical therapy for my knee. It was helpful but I was still in having pain. I mentioned it to the therapist who really had no response. Your Fascia FLO class (1 1/2 sessions) has relieved that pain and body feels so much better. I can only imagine how good I will feel as I continue! I sincerely appreciate this class and you for making it available








Will this help me get stronger?

Yes! One of the benefits of this movement is that we increase our muscle

tone as we buff up the fascia. You will also experience a cardio response.

This movement can step in as an all-in-one workout!

What Are the Benefits of Fascia FLO?

Benefits can include (but not limited to): increased energy, better muscle performance and strength for activities, more range of motion, reduction (or removal) of pain, improved flexibility, better digestion, better sleep, stronger immunity, enhanced body awareness, better posture.

What do you mean by True Flexibility?

Let’s revisit the term flexible. It’s not stretch-ible. Our muscles are meant to make a variety of movements to move our limbs and move us in space. That capacity to stretch or lengthen is our range of motion. Not our flexibility. True flexibility, then, is the ability of our muscles lengthen AND to contract (flex!), and twist. When fascia is dense and inflexible, it acts like a straight jacket, restricting the muscle from contracting, lengthening, and rotating. Clean up the fascia and we free up the muscles. Not only do they lengthen in an appropriate range, they contract and rotate better. We are stronger, more flexible, and move with ease.

How often should I do fascia FLO to get results?

Aim to practice a full-body class 2-3 times a week. On alternate days, do a little upper body or lower body for 10-15 minutes a day. You'll sense what you need as you become more familiar with the work and how your body is feeling. Once you feel how good it is in the body, you want to make it a habit - like brushing your teeth, but for your fascia!



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